Unleashing You Creative Genius 101

Unleashing You Creative Genius 101:
How to Master The Creative Process…
…And Get Your Work Done


drawing exercises from Leonardo da Vinci

There are lots of so-called creativity gurus out there who claim to have the formula for success.

More often than not, these experts can’t seem follow their own advice.

While I have incredible respect for teachers in all fields, I prefer those who practice what they preach.

I’m not a guru.

I’m an aspiring artist just like you.

I create, I read and I internalize my learnings by sharing them with likeminded people.

The lessons contained in this resource are taken from  two sources:

1) World renowned artists with a track record.

2) Psychological research on creativity, motivation and productivity.

Getting Started: 
Mastering The Creative Process 

Do you struggle to motivate yourself to do your work? Here are the best 2 techniques on procrastination I’ve ever come across.

Knowing how create art is only useful when you know what to create. Check out the following guide which breaks down the creative process of artists like George R. R. Martin, Leonardo da Vinci and James Cameron and explains how they conceptualized their masterworks.

Want to streamline your creative process and learn the biggest pitfall artists face? Read this tutorial on the psychology of perfectionism and how famous artists have gotten past it.

There are hundreds of books and articles on procrastination but very few on the act of finishing your work. This article explores Leonardo da Vinci’s supposed procrastination and explores the best philosophies on finishing your creative work.

Finished your work but not entirely happy with the outcome? Rewriting is an integral part of the creative process. Here’s how Quentin Tarantino revises his first drafts.

Hollywood screenwriter Brian Koppelman understands the creative life inside out. Here’s 202 creativity tips you can print out and keep near your desk. They’ll summarise everything already covered into simple soundbites.

Finally, here’s a 4,500 page guide showing the nine creative exercise Leonardo da Vinci used to master his art and his mind.

And there’s more to come…

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