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Hacking Your Brain 101:
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Positive psychology combines the rigour of academia with the charisma of self-help.

benefits of meditationFor a long time psychologists only studied what was wrong with people.

They believed if they could figure out why anxiety and depression occurs, they would somehow gain the knowledge of how to induce the opposite symptoms in people.

This didn’t happen. Depression has been steadily rising for decades.

It was Abraham Maslow who first came up with the idea, that if we want to improve our lives we should look to the best in society — the growning tip statistic — learn from them, and apply those findings to our own lives.

The following guides will show some of my favourite studies and insights on living optimally. As always, I try not to rehash what other bloggers have put out, so you’ll find lots of original ideas mixed amongst the research.

Getting Started: 
How To Hack Your Brain With Positive Psychology

There are very few positive psychology interventions that actually work, meditation is one of those that does. Meditation combines affect, behaviour and cognition and has been shown to literally rewire your brain.

In this full-referenced guide you’ll get an insight into the history of meditation from a western perspective as well as learning 26 mind blowing reasons you need to take up this practice.

If you’re like me, you love the idea of creating a perfect daily routine.

In this post I’ll show you the pros and cons when it comes to designing a perfect routine, how to create a meaning map to put your life in perspective and what app I recommend for tracking your daily habits.

This article doesn’t just apply to smokers.

Inside I explain the positive psychology of how fear from the media can sabotage our willpower and prevent us from achieving our goals.

Cognitive reframing has been around since the dawn of rhetoric. Through the ages it’s gained popularity in the military, marketing world and therapeutic settings. Apple’s employee manual was recently leaked and it turns out they use it on their customers too.

In this article, you’ll learn how simple changes to your vocabulary will help you to reduce stress and maintain motivation in the long term.

Statistics show 1 in 3 people leave Facebook more depressed than when they went on. Envy is a very common, but rarely talked about, emotion. It can reek havoc on some people’s lives, but on others it can change them for the best. In this post I’ll show you how to use envy to improve your life.

Perfectionists are less productive, less happy and more prone to disorders than non-perfectionists. The myth of perfection being something we should aspire towards needs to be busted. In this article I do just that.

Everyone wants motivation to lose body fat but from my positive psychology research everyone is doing it wrong. In this article I dispel the prevailing motivation myths and show you scientifically proven ways of getting motivation that lasts.

Bonus: I’ve created a positive psychology video that teaches you the principle of evolutionary pressure. By watching it, not only will be gain motivation, you’ll also learn to end the cognitive bias that’s been preventing you from achieving your dreams. So far it’s had over 126,000 views.

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